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Weekend at Russian Gulch State Park

Russian Gulch State Park near Mendocino offers a low key, compact, but very clean and quiet campground for families.  Beware that the place has no cell or data connection of any kind (which worked out great) but offers great access to awesome sights and walks. Waterfall The path from the end of the campground leads to a very nice walk leading up to a waterfall.  I don't recall the hike well (I did this one last year) AllTrails shows it's less than 4 miles. Glass Beach The place literally is littered with glass trash from long time ago, but the pieces now add charm to the otherwise idyllic beach.  Walking path apparently extends to Mackerricher State Park up north. Mackerricher State Park I only learned about this park from a local bakery store by chance.  The coastline is gorgeous, dotted lined by seal rocks offshore, but the best part is probably a very well maintained boardwalk that offers spectacular tour with an

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