Tesla Model 3: Must-Have Aftermarket Accessories

The car comes pretty complete set of goodies by default, but here are a couple of aftermarket accessories that I thought that I just needed to have.  BTW, the list doesn't include matting out the car like I did 😁
Wireless Charger for Compatible Smartphones

The car comes with a dedicated tray for a pair of smartphones with USB-C and Lightning cable options, but as Pixel 3 owner, I had to get this wireless charger kit:

Not every wireless charger seems to be made equal...I've tried a few options from Amazon but they didn't work well with Google Pixel 3.  Maybe they would with iPhone X and above, but the one that works reliably so far has been the one from Jeda Products.

Floor Mat

The original floor mat is nice but then it's basically carpet after all, and I didn't want dirt on rainy days to settle on the mat.  I got 3D brand mat set from Amazon and they've been great.  Precisely cut to fit the 3D contour of the car's floor well (front and back), grippy back surface that grabs the floor and never shifts, and easy to clean with a portable vacuum!

USB hub custom made for Tesla 3

It may not be well known that plugging in a USB thumb drive to one of the two front USB ports inside the center console activates Tesla's dash cam.  But that means that I'd only have one port left for enabling only one side of the contactless charging pads mentioned above.

Meet another product from Jeda, Tesla 3 USB hub.  The device is custom-fit for the console box, feeds from the existing two USB ports, and provides out put for 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, plus an extra USB-A port for the USB drive for Tesla dashcam.  Genius!!

(The photo has the exposed interior, but it has a magnetic panel to cover the opening space for the flush look.)

The two USB-A ports are left intact to hook up the contactless charger pad, and keeping the console box super-clean without extra USB splitter cable which I used to have before this solution.

Center Console Tray

The console box right below the phone rest is pretty spacious, but quite deep.  I found this nifty tray that sits on top of it, and provides perfectly separated spaces for the charging adapter and sunglasses.

Hope these goodies help!


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