Just landed! / 引っ越し中

Just landed on our new apartment in Tokyo.  It's nice to be in a location where I know I will be for the next few years rather than the next several nights, as I've probably spent more time in hotels and airplanes than our home in California since December.

The "landing team" consisted of me, my rollaboard suitcase, and two cardboard boxes.  But this is Japan, man.  It wasn't going to be a lonesome event.

I was welcome by the real estate agent, relocation consultant, management company reps (x2) and security system staff (x3), and they spent two hours with me going over the equipment, inspecting all corners of the place, and explaining the security system.

No sooner than had they left me alone in an emtpy apartment, the lease company came with rental furniture (consisting of couch, coffee table, dining kit, beds), pots and pans and plates and utensils, all the linens, and "surival kit" consisting of handsoap, toilet papers, and a big jug of water.   The place now looks like a real apartment :-)

I went to a nearby grocery store and stock up the apartment, but it would have been too much for me to walk home with.   But then, like many other supermarkets in Japan, they deliver stuff home for free for purchases over JPY10,000.    Then, I realized I only had 11,000 yen in my wallet.  They take credit cards but then I won't get the loyalty points for the program that I just signed up.  So I stuffed the shopping cart in abandon, but with very rough calculation so that the total ends up somewhere exactly between 10,000 and 11,000 yen.

Checkout cashier non-chalantly finishes off my stuff and says:

"Total is 9,532 yen.   So it will be 9,732 yen with delivery fee."

Darn.  Think quickly.  There is a line behind me with other customers.  I need to add an item very quickly before these customers start fuming, thinking that I am wasting their time to save on the pesky $2 delivery fee.  The "last item" gotta be something that's close by, yet something that I actually need...

A pile of six-packs in the end of the checkout counters gave me the answer.

Then the free delivery that I just qualified lets me choose a convenient 2-hour window of 18:00 - 20:00.   Delivery showed up at 18:30, and my day's mission is accomplished. 

So I am in a comfortably furnished apartment with stuffed fridge (with beer), getting back online with my HSDPA card for now.  Next mission: tomorrow's delivery from Yodobashi Camera for the TV and stereo unit.   Then on Friday, the local cable company will hook up the apartment with 160Mbps IP, VoIP, and terrestrial digital HDTV broadcast...all for $60/mo.   (You gotta love Japan.)

Then I will be complete :-)

Oh wait, my family!  They'll arrive next week, and the real fun life in this town begins then!










めでたく無料宅配手続き。もちろん日本の宅配ロジだから、18:00 - 20:00 とかのラッシュアワーの配達アポのすぐOK.  ちゃんと18:30 に来た。

よーし。家具もそろい、冷蔵庫もstuffed!  あとは、明日のヨドバシからのテレビとステレオセットの配達を待つのみ。あと、ケーブル会社のネット+電話+BS/地デジ接続。これが終われば、完了だ。



Anonymous said…
Yokoso! I felt Japan was a very cash-centric society, for some reason..
Rich said…

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