Sears deserves another look / 新・食器洗い機

5年前に自宅を購入したときに前のオーナーが据え付けていたドイツ製のdishwasherが遂にぶっ壊れたので、急遽新製品を購入。自宅から歩いてでも行けるSears で同社ブランドのモノをオーダーし、今日据え付けが完了。

  • Consumer Reports という著名な消費者製品群を評価する非営利団体において、白物家電に関してはSears/Kenmoreの評価が常に高い。
  • 5年前にSears で洗濯機、乾燥機を買ったときの経験が非常によかったし、同機は全く問題なく動いている。 (以下参照)

まずこのシロモノ、モデルKenmore 13153 であるが、ピカピカつるんつるんでかっこいいのに加え、実に静寂である!スイッチ群も防水加工をしたボタンが、前開きドアの上部に並び、なかなかスマートなルックス。

で、据え付け工事なのだが、先方が「5/9 の12:00 - 14:00の間に来る」という2時間の作業窓を指定してくれ、実際に来たのは12:15, 作業終了は13:15。もともと据え付けてあったBosch の食洗機より安定したインストールをしてくれ(撤収も$10)、古くなった入水ホースも(実費だが)その場で交換、取り付けしてくれた。これは5年前に洗濯機、乾燥機を購入したときのカスタマーエクスぺリエンスと引け目なし。



The 10+ year old German dishwasher that came with our house we bought 5 years finally conked out. We ordered a new one at Sears located at a walking distance from us, and the new Kenmore gear was installed and got in operation today.

American branded goods and customer service don't always get high marks even in this country, but there are several reasons that I didn't hesitate to choose this All American combo:
  • Consumer Reports rate Sears/Kenmore with consistently high marks when it comes to large home appliances.
  • We had a great experience purchasing Kenmore washer and dryer 5 years ago (and they are working flawlessly today).
The salesperson was very knowledgeable about features, pros/cons of various models, and thanks to her it took less than 15 minutes for us after walking in to the store and completing the order.

And this stainless steel baby, Kenmore 13153, is so friggin' quiet! The waterproof switches line the top of the front-door (you push them to start and then close the door), making the front finish very clean.

What impressed me more was their professional installation. First of all, Sears gave us a two hour window of 12:00 - 14:00 today. The delivery/installer showed up at 12:15, installed the system and tested it, and was gone by 13:15. The set up job was much better and more secure than how the old Bosch rig was installed, and while he was at it, he identified old inlet hose and replaced them (though at nominal extra cost). That's it---he came, he installed, he was done. This great customer experience was exactly the same as it was 5 years ago.

Those readers living in Japan may wonder why I would rave about a mere flawless purchase experience of a home appliance, as such a matter is likely a norm there...but I felt it's worthy of a blog post if I felt this good and Sears deserves credit for it.


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