20周年同窓会 / the 20th Reunion





From Milton Reunion (2008-06)


Just returned from our 20th high school reunion in a suburb south of Boston this weekend.

I haven't made it back to east coast very often, and many graduates stay in the east, so I've lost touch with many of my classmates for a while. Earlier this year, however, one of the guys started a Ning SNS, and got about half the class signed up, so a lot of us were able to plan for this reunion together.

I only got to spend my junior and senior year in this school as I transferred from another high school in Japan. But this was my first two unforgettable years in the US, let alone a boarding school with 24/7 immersion. Let it suffice to say that I had a GREAT time going back there, hanging out with these old friends.

With studying and sports and having no-clue about girls and all that, I realized how much I under-appreciated the serene beauty of this New England town and modern-but-still-rustic-feeling campus. After all these years, we exchanged notes on how we only now got to realize that the faculty, friends, and educational principles of this school helped us have confidence in who we are and form our career in various ways. The usual stuff like which girls/boys did we have a crush on and what they became of now, went on. And even with those whom I didn't get to know much back then, talking with them and sharing our experiences now and then made us feel as if we've known each other all this time. And at least three of our classmates are teaching there today after going through related or unrelated career choices---I think that says a lot about our school.

Well, all in all, all this may sound like stories in any n-th year reunion at any school you've been to. What made this weekend special for me, was this---these are the friends, faculty, and the environment that accepted me without a question back when I started here, straight out of Japan and clueless about language or the culture of this country. They prepared me a jump start in the US in a way that could have never been more encouraging, stimulating, and splendid. It was a weekend that made me realize how lucky I have been in having had the fortune of starting my life here with these folks, as I am ever more certain that I, as I am today, happily working and living with my family here, would probably not have existed without them.


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